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  • Menu Information
    • 1. Does Sizzler offer nutritional information for its menu items and where can I obtain it?
      Sizzler understands that everyone’s dietary needs are different and we recognize the importance of enabling our guests to make informed menu choices. Nutritional information on standard menu items is available under the “Our Food” section of the website or by reviewing the nutritional brochure that can be found in our California restaurants and where it is required by law.
    • 2. If I have food allergies or other special dietary needs, will I still be able to dine at Sizzler?
      Sizzler understands that our guests have many different nutritional and dietary needs. We are able to provide nutritional and standard allergen information on all of our core menu items. Visit the “Our Menus” section of the website to review nutritional information on standard menu items. To obtain other allergen-specific menu information, you can send a request to us via our “Contact Us” form.
    • 3. Do you currently have vegetarian options on your menu?
      While Sizzler does not currently offer any vegetarian entrees, we do offer our world famous Salad Bar with over 50 fresh items as an excellent choice for vegetarians.
    • 4. Do you currently offer a gluten-free menu?
      The term gluten technically refers to a specific complex of proteins that forms when wheat flour is mixed with a liquid and physically manipulated, such as in the kneading of bread. Because Sizzler does not use dedicated prep methods, there is a chance that cross contamination may occur. Therefore, we can not safely offer any-gluten free options.
    • 5. Do you offer any of your menu items “to go”? What about catering services or for delivery?
      Currently, all of our menu items are available to go. Please contact your local Sizzler regarding catering services.

      Sizzler is excited to offer our Weigh To Go program, available at participating Los Angeles area Sizzler locations. Now you can take as little or as much of the salad bar home. Once you have made your choices from salads to handcrafted soups to signature salads, hot appetizers and desserts, just weigh your food and pay for that amount! To find a participating Sizzler, click here.
    • 6. Do you have trans-fats in your food?
      Sizzler continues to work with local government agencies to comply with all requirements regarding trans fats in food. Currently, Sizzler restaurants in California are all trans fat free.
    • 7. Do you use monosodium glutamate (MSG) in any of your menu items?
      Some of our menu items do contain MSG. Please refer to our nutritional brochure for more information.
    • 8. Do you provide recipes for any of your menu items?
      We appreciate your interest in our menu items, but due to proprietary and confidential reasons, recipes are not available for any menu items.
    • 9. How do I find prices on specific menu items?
      Because menu prices can vary by location, please contact your local Sizzler for more information. Use the restaurant locator function on the home page to obtain contact information for your neighborhood Sizzler.
    • 10. Where are the prices for your menu on your website?
      Where available, menu pricing for individual Sizzler locations can be found under the Locations page. Simply click on the Download Menu icon. Please note, menu prices and items vary by location, and are subject to change without notice. For the most up to date menu information, please contact your neighborhood Sizzler directly.
  • Company Information
    • 1. What are Sizzler's core values regarding diversity?
      At Sizzler we perceive diversity and tolerance as an opportunity to enrich our experiences and to increase our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of differences. Therefore, Sizzler is committed to supporting an environment which values and cultivates diversity. We strongly believe that companies that embrace diversity incur a more dynamic corporate culture. For us, diversity is grounded in our core values of team spirit. We embrace and respect diversity of our workforce, patrons and the community in which we live, work and service. The same commitment applies to our working environment where we foster an equitable work environment and we strive to attract and retain people who reflect our diverse customer base. We are committed to integrating diversity and inclusion into the core of our business, not only because it makes good business sense, but because it is simply the right thing to do. We stand behind this belief and are committed to supporting and promoting the diversity of our employees and equal opportunity within our company. The company's policy on equal employment opportunity prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. This policy applies to recruiting, hiring, transfers, promotions, terminations, compensation and benefits and also states that retaliation against any employee who files a complaint regarding possible violations of this policy will not be tolerated.
    • 2. Where are your headquarters located and how do I contact you?
      The Sizzler Home Office is located at:
      25910 Acero Road, Ste. 350
      Mission Viejo, CA 92691
      Phone: (949) 273-4497            
      Our hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm PST

    • 3. Where can I get a directory of Sizzler restaurants?
      Sizzler has a convenient restaurant locator function on the home page our website.
    • 4. What are your restaurant hours of operation?
      Where available, hours of operation for individual Sizzler locations can be found under the Locations page. Please note, hours are subject to change without notice. For the most up to date hours of operation, please contact your neighborhood Sizzler directly.
    • 6. Does Sizzler accept reservations?
      Sizzler does not offer reservations at this time. However, if you are going to be attending Sizzler with a large party, we recommend that you call ahead.
    • 7. Does Sizzler host celebrations and special occasions?
      Sizzler is happy to assist you with planning a special event in our restaurant. In fact, some Sizzler locations have private banquet rooms available. Where available, banquet room availability can be found under the Locations page. To book the banquet room at your local Sizzler, please contact the restaurant directly.
    • 8. How do I apply for a job?
      It is easy to apply for a job at Sizzler. Simply click on the Careers link at the top of the page, and complete an online application. Only applications are not accepted at all locations, so you may need to contact your neighborhood Sizzler directly to fill out an application in person.
    • 9. How do I become a vendor for Sizzler?
      If you would like to become a vendor for Sizzler, then please submit your proposal to:
      Sizzler USA
      Attention: Purchasing Department
      25910 Acero Road, Ste. 350
      Mission Viejo, CA 92691
    • 10. Can I obtain coupons from your website or through the mail?
      A majority of our restaurants are owned by independent franchisees and available coupons and discounts will vary by location. Sizzler does, however, offer an eClub that will periodically send out coupons and discounts to its members. Register for our eClub program on the home page and you’ll receive a special Welcome Reward simply for signing up.
    • 11. How do I apply for franchise opportunities?
      If you are interested in applying for a franchise opportunity, simply click on the Franchising tab on the top of the page, and select Inquiries.
  • Donations & Sponsorships
    • 1. How do I request a donation or sponsorship?
      We appreciate your interest in having Sizzler involved in your fundraising efforts. All requests for funding and in-kind gifts, such as gift cards, must be submitted in writing on your organization’s letterhead to your neighborhood Sizzler restaurant. If the request is regarding a specific event, please remember to include the event information as well as a contact name and phone number. Use the restaurant locator function on the home page to obtain contact information for your neighborhood Sizzler.
  • Sizzler E Club
    • 1. How can I sign up for your E Club?
      Simply enter your email address at the top of the home page under Join the E Club, and click Go. You’ll receive a special Welcome Reward simply for signing up.
    • 2. How can I update my information if I am already a member?
      At the bottom of any mailings you receive, there will be a link to update your information. If you would like to contact someone for help, you can send an email to

    • 3. I’m having a problem accessing or using my existing account, how can I have the problem fixed?
      To let us know about a problem with your E Club account, please email:
    • 4. I don’t think I’m receiving emails from your E Club. What’s the problem?
      It is possible that your email system is blocking messages from Sizzler’s E Club. To ensure that our emails are delivered to your inbox, please add to your address book or safe sender list.
  • Gift Cards
    • 1. Where can I find more information about Gift Cards?
      You can find answers to most commonly asked questions by clicking here.
      You will also find contact info for anything additional you may have.
  • Healthy Dining
    • 1. Do you offer healthy menu items, or items for people on a diet?
      Sizzler has a number of items that meet Healthy Dining’s nutritional criteria, as featured on Items marked with ♥ on the Menu pages meet Healthy Dining’s nutritional criteria. For more information, please visit In addition to entrée items, Sizzler’s world famous Salad Bar is always a great choice for those looking for a healthy alternative.
  • Senior Menu
    • 1. Do you offer a Senior Menu?
      Yes, Sizzler offers an Honored Guest® menu for our seniors. The Honored Guest® age qualification varies by location, so please contact your local Sizzler for more information on Honored Guest® age qualification and product offerings. Use the restaurant locator function on the home page to obtain contact information for your neighborhood Sizzler.
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