Introducing Sizzler's Craft Salad Series.

Hey, it’s your appetite. I want some Sizzler Craft Salad and I want it now. Lets use this new Craft Salad Series to chose the salad of our choice and make Sizzler’s signature prepared salads in our very own home.

Summer Fruit Quinoa Recipe

[1] Cup BLUEBERRIES | [2] Cups STRAWBERRIES, SLICED ¼”| [2]Cups MANGO, CHUNKS ½” | [1] Cup RED QUINOA COOKED. | ---------------------------------- Place all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl. --------------------------------- [Dressing] [2] Tablespoons of FRESH SQUEEZED LIME JUICE |[3] Tablespoons of HONEY | [1] Tablespoon CHOPPED MINT| --------------------------------------------- 1.Place all of the dressing ingredients into a bowl. 2.Mix with a wire whisk until the honey is thoroughly incorporated.