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Just as Sizzler started as a single unit restaurant in Culver City over 50 years ago, today Sizzler USA has continued its philosophy of “development and promotion from within” the ranks of its talented and diverse workforce. Our Company is very proud of the many long term, service oriented Managers and employees who have chosen to make a career with Sizzler that began at an entry level position and worked their way up the Sizzler organization. Today, we have a large percentage of our workforce with over 10 to 40 plus years of service. A reflection of the Sizzler USA “people first, employee second” philosophy is to approach and provide individualized and satisfying career options.


Alfonso Messina

Why Sizzler, you may ask? This is a job that you can grow into a career. I started as a dishwasher and a worked myself into management. My biggest achievement with the organization has been taking over an unprofitable district and turning it around by creating a team of leaders with winning attitude. Sizzler is a diverse concept with great food at the right price, and a place where everyone can be successful. This is achieved by being willing to adapt to changes and taking the ball and running with it. The sky is the limit with Sizzler.
2010 Update: Alfonso is now one of a select group to pilot a new and innovative position of General Manager/Proprietor taking the “new” Sizzler USA to a new level of growth opportunity

Forbes Collins

I began my career at Sizzler as a dishwasher back in 1978, right out of High School. Sizzler gave me the opportunity to not only have a job, but to build a career. Shortly after starting with Sizzler, I was able to advance through the employee ranks and eventually become an assistant manager. Once on the management team with Sizzler, my life changed as Sizzler continued to give the opportunities to grow as a professional. By 1990, my career with Sizzler became a dream come true as I was promoted into multi-unit management and I began a great run of promotions and transfers which took me from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta and then on to Sydney, Australia and Brisbane, Australia and then finally back to Los Angeles. I would have to say that Sizzler is the best employer because Sizzler gives you the opportunity to grow from a dishwasher to a Director all through staying disciplined at working hard to achieve personal goals.
2010 Update:Forbes currently oversees all Company and Franchise Restaurant Operations in the United States and Puerto Rico, with sales in excess of $310 million

Applying for a job with Sizzler

Although the Sizzler brand is now over 50 year old, today the company is in a renewed energetic growth position reminiscent of our early years with its intense focus on talent, quality food products, unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction and to provide our guests the best value in the marketplace. Although the majority of opportunities begin in our restaurants, we will occasionally have select openings for professional, managerial and clerical personnel to support our company and franchise operations. Likewise, our franchise locations are equally interested in ensuring the best talent in their locations throughout the country.

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